Animal feed distribution

Animal feed distribution 

Nijhof-Wassink is your partner for animal feed distribution across Europe. We provide the bulk transport of the dry raw materials and additives for the production of animal feed, such as proteins, milk powder, whey powder and vitamins. We also distribute loose bulk animal feed products and fertilizer from the manufacturer to the farmer. Nijhof-Wassink is a director for feed and manure transport throughout the supply chain. Our goal: optimising the entire process between producer, carrier and end user. 

Your partner for 3PL and 4PL service

Nijhof-Wassink has extensive experience with the distribution of animal feeds. Depending on your needs, we can take over the planning of your animal feed transports (in its entirety or in part) from you. 

In addition, you can outsource all or part of your transport to us to be even more flexible for your customers. With the assurance the fleet offers and the skilled drivers of Nijhof-Wassink you can deliver whenever your customers want it. 

We aim at a full partnership in which, together with you, we work on process improvement and achieving added value. As a Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) provider we will, if desired, take the complete logistics chain off your hands.  

Maximum delivery service and efficient planning

Our planning department is manned seven days a week and 19 hours a day. To ensure the maximum availability of our fleet, we drive in double shifts per truck and our night shift loaders take care that our drivers can hit the road immediately. This way we can deliver whenever your customers want it. As an international carrier with extensive knowledge of the local markets, Nijhof-Wassink has locations throughout Europe and an extensive network of clients and strategically located transport partners. In combination with our flexibly deployable fleet, this enables us to achieve a high load factor and a minimum of empty kilometres. This way we also offer a low-cost alternative to own-account carriers. 

This is what our strong network offers you:

  • Optimisation of your transportation costs
  • Reduction of empty kilometres
  • Reduction of CO2emissions 

Quality and safety for your bulk goods

Quality, reliability and safety are paramount in our way of working. We are certified according to GMP+ B1 (storage and transhipment) and B4 (transport). Our drivers are specialists in loading, transport and unloading of animal feed and additives.  

The drivers of Nijhof-Wassink are at home in the agricultural world. They are from the region, know your customer and are your and our ambassadors. And they dispose of the best equipment: modern silo trailers and specially developed compartmentalised semi-trailers in which 6 to 12 different products can be transported. With this we bring your raw materials, animal feed and fertilizers as agreed to the place of destination: in the right quantity, according to the strictest quality requirements and just-in-time. 

Nijhof-Wassink is a frontrunner in the field of safety. We work according to a strict Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) protocol. This means, among other things, that our drivers are actively trained in identifying risky situations at production sites and farmyards. 

Assistance with storage, transhipment and planning

Nijhof-Wassink offers various storage and transhipment options for raw materials and additives for animal feed production. In our silo parks in the Netherlands your bulk goods are stored in a safe and dry environment. 

SilFit: effective stock management

Together with SilFit, a 100% subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink, we developed, for the monitoring of stock of bulk goods in silos, an innovative system for stock control as well as journey and route planning. With the fully automated silo content measurement system you have real-time information about the stock levels at different storage locations and you can adjust your production more efficiently to the actual demand. With SilFit the number of empty kilometres and rush orders in the animal feed market is significantly reduced.

Transport Management system

With our Transport Management System (TMS) we provide planners, clients and agricultural entrepreneurs with real-time information. Data that is shared, includes order status, shipment status, expected time of arrival (ETA) and current location of the semi-trailer truck. The TMS can be linked to almost any existing planning and ordering system and is part of our innovation concept Nijhof-Wassink LIVE. 

Fertilizers Transport Portal

The Fertilizer Transport Portal is a complete platform for the planning and execution of fertilizer transports. In spring, the agricultural sector purchases large quantities of manure and fertilizer. A peak moment of a large number of transport activities that brings a lot of pressure to all parties in the supply chain. The Fertilizer Transport Portal of Nijhof-Wassink offers the complete solution to ensure that this always hectic operation runs as smoothly as possible. Customer orders arrive via an interface, after which Nijhof-Wassink produces the translation into logical journeys that are easy to combine. The composed journeys are placed in a 'closed' market place from which the pre-selected carriers, including Nijhof-Wassink itself, can choose the journeys. This provides the option that Nijhof-Wassink decides in consultation with the customer which journeys will be available for which carrier(s). Current information about ETAs is automatically adjusted and shared with the customer. The responsibility for arrangements regarding delivery guarantees lies with Nijhof-Wassink. The Fertilizers Transport Portal is the latest enhancement to our innovation concept called Nijhof-Wassink LIVE.

Transport divisions Nijhof-Wassink Group join forces

Because of changing market conditions and our clear 'synergy wish', our transport organization, consisting of 3 divisions; Feed-, Food- and Chemical Logistics, will be one transport organization again as of February 1, 2024.

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From Drongen to the rest of the world

If you're driving along the E40 from Gent to Bruges, you won’t be able to miss it: the 55 metre high tower at Nuscience’s production site in Drongen. This is where products are made for pigs, poultry and cattle, and are then delivered to customers throughout the world.

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Feed Logistics division expands further in Germany with the acquisition of transport company Meyer Agrarlogistik

From 1 October 2022, the activities of Landhandel Meyer’s logistics division in Bösel, Germany, will be taken over by Nijhof-Wassink’s Feed Logistics division. From this date onwards, the fleet of ten truck-trailer combinations, and thirteen employees, will continue under the name Meyer Agrarlogistik.

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How do we work on a complete solution for Coops Mengvoeders?

Offering customisation, delivering quality, looking at how we can conduct transports as efficiently as possible, investing in long-term partnerships. That is where Coops Mengvoeders, Nijhof-Wassink and Ecotrans Logistics come together.

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Meet Coops Mengvoeders and their passion for cattle and feed

“Concentrated feed for connoisseurs” is the motto of Coops Mengvoeders from Halle. Coops Mengvoeders develops and produces compound feed for pigs and cattle, says Managing Director Arno ter Maat. “We specialise in customising cattle and pig feed”.

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An extension of the client

Being distinctive, professional and creating perspective for your customers. These are clear interfaces between Voergroep Zuid and Nijhof-Wassink.

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How Voergroep Zuid earns money for the farmer

We like to show you what our company actually does, explain our passion, and how we put it into practice every day. We do this together; together with our clients and together with our colleagues. Our clients are the driving force in everything we do, they are at the core of our activities. We want to introduce one of our business relations to you: Voergroep Zuid, producer and supplier of compound feed and feed ingredients in the south of the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Nijhof-Wassink underlines sustainability with Profile and Nijwa Group

As of 1 September 2021, Profile Nederland and three branches of Volvo & Renault truck dealer Nijwa Group (Rijssen, Hengelo and Zwolle) will provide Nijhof-Wassink with all its tyre maintenance – for a total of 600 trucks and 600 trailers. Downtime costs money, which is why Profile works proactively to reduce breakdowns and therefore CO2 emissions for Nijhof-Wassink.

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Cargill Animal Nutrition Poland and Hungary expand long-standing relationship with Nijhof-Wassink

Intensifying even more

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Nijhof-Wassink’s Feed Logistics Division in Belgium expanded with the acquisition of Sven Daems transport.

Nijhof-Wassink Belgium has acquired the haulage activities of Sven Daems transport in Retie, Belgium, with retroactive effect from 1 January 2021

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Agrifirm is intensifying its partnership with Nijhof-Wassink

Optimisation of logistics services in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Nijhof-Wassink continues its journey on the road to sustainability

As a logistics bulk and bagged goods specialist, Nijhof-Wassink operates more than 550 truck combinations every day, both in the Netherlands and beyond, for its clients in the chemical and compound feed industry. The company therefore has a major role to play in the drive for sustainability. Nijhof-Wassink wants to help the European Union achieve its Green Deal objective with a proactive approach, and ensure that its operations are climate-neutral by 2050.

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How GIJS handles things just that little bit differently

A compound feed company that does not produce any pellets itself. 'That sounds exceptional, and it is,' says Erik Reefhuis, director of Gelre IJsselstreek (GIJS). 'We do everything slightly differently from other compound feed companies.'

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Nijhof-Wassink takes over the Quartes transport department

In November 2019, the Royal Agrifirm Group acquired the Belgian compound feed company Quartes and Agri-Activ (a supplier to the arable farming sector). Quartes and Agrifirm thus strengthened their position as a supplier to the livestock and arable sectors in the Benelux region.

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After the celebrations the hard work starts

Our team always gets a massive euphoric kick when we hear that we’ve become the carrier for a new customer. Such a decision is often preceded by months or more of hard work to even submit a proposal.

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Both international but as different as chalk and cheese

Wherever I go in Europe, price is often the decisive factor for the customer. However, prices given by different carriers cannot always be directly compared.

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Nijhof-Wassink implements preventive measures to ensure continuity of the logistics process

In view of the current developments regarding the containment of coronavirus, the board and management of Nijhof-Wassink have decided to implement certain preventive measures to ensure the continuity of the logistics process in your and our business operations.

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Nijhof-Wassink acquires Ecotrans

Ecotrans from Vorden and transport company Nijhof-Wassink have expressed their intention to merge their activities. All activities, branches and employees of Ecotrans will soon be incorporated and welcomed into the Nijhof-Wassink Group.

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Nijhof-Wassink BVBA and D.V.M. TRANS BVBA join logistics forces in Belgium

On 2 December 2019, D.V.M. Trans from Esen-Diksmuide (BE) and the Feed Logistics division of Nijhof-Wassink will start an intensive partnership in the area of transporting animal feeds.

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Reudink and SilFit expand logistics collaboration

With effect from 1 October 2019, Reudink, a division of the ForFarmers group and active in organic animal feed, and SilFit will expand their logistics collaboration. SilFit, a subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink that already provides part of the current transport activities, will oversee all bulk deliveries from Reudink.

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Network of truck trailer combinations Nijhof-Wassink connects several customers in Poland

The Feed Logistics division of Nijhof-Wassink operates in Poland for a number of renowned animal feed manufacturers

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Unburdening, focussing and pioneering

We’re the Lead Logistic Provider for the entire supply chain, and in this role we distinguish ourselves in all kinds of ways. Our strength lies in not only providing the customer with that requested, but above all providing what is needed, which increases efficiency.

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Taking care of everything, from A to Z

Speed, capacity and flexibility: factors in which Trouw Nutrition, Nijhof-Wassink and SilFit can find agreement. We provide a complete solution in the context of our partnership, so that the supply and removal of raw materials and products runs as efficiently as possible and Trouw Nutrition can concentrate on its core business

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Feeding the future

It is our ambition is to work together with our suppliers and buyers to achieve higher standards of food safety and animal health. This all helps us achieve our mission of ‘feeding the future’. says Geert de Meulemeester, logistics manager and coordinator at the Ghent site of Trouw Nutrition

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Nijhof-Wassink KFT and Agrifirm Magyarország join forces

Nijhof-Wassink Hungary has recently started a collaboration with the Hungarian branch of the global feed producer Agrifirm. From 3 Agrifirm production locations in Kaba, Környe and Györ, Nijhof-Wassink will transport the animal feed products to farms in Hungary and surrounding border areas.

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A passion for poultry

De Hoop is a poultry specialists, eventually producing only poultry feed, making it the first and indeed the only feed producer in the Netherlands, specialising in the poultry sector.

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Triferto: from soil to life

As a wholesaler in mineral fertilisers for agriculture, arable farming and horticulture, Triferto is at the very foundation of a significant part of the harvests in Northwest Europe.

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Connected in Hungary

At Nijhof-Wassink Hungary we transport animal feed products for a large number of feed manufacturers from the various Hungarian factories to farms throughout Hungary.

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The best solution is not always found on your driveway

What do you do when one of Belgium’s largest feed manufacturers requests assistance to make their ambitions a reality? New developments which will result in a far greater demand for the transport of their products to their customers.

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