An extension of the client


Being distinctive, professional and creating perspective for your customers. These are clear interfaces between Voergroep Zuid and Nijhof-Wassink.

Feed distribution is a special branch of transport. Just take the fact that, as a driver, you enter the farmer’s private property. This takes drivers who understand what goes on at a farm. Our drivers know the situation and speak the farmer’s language. The equipment we use is also a calling card for the client. We arrive at the farmers with a well-maintained, young and current fleet, and in this case also in Voergroep Zuid livery. To do this, we have invested in new trucks and bulk trailers.

Optimal load factor
In addition to dedicated transport, we also provide bagged goods transport and network transport for Voergroep Zuid. In this way, we provide a total solution and we can also make great strides in the field of sustainability and efficiency. Network transport is a good example of this. Some customers are located relatively far from Voergroep Zuid’s production sites. We supply them. Our extensive network enables us to load return cargo near that location. This allows us to optimise the load factor and reduce empty kilometres, which in turn reduces logistics costs. Moreover, fewer empty kilometres also mean lower CO2 emissions, which is better for the environment.

In a market where economies of scale mean that everything you do today is done even faster tomorrow, efficiency in logistics is one of the ways to improve returns. We support our clients in all aspects of this. The partnership goes beyond transporting feed from the factory to the farmer. We aim to be a true extension of our clients and use KPI reports to come up with advice on how to improve logistics performance. That is our vision to give form and substance to partnership.

Herco Eshuis
Commercial Manager Feed Logistics


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