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Herco Eshuis
Account Manager Feed Logistics
Herco Eshuis
Account Manager Feed Logistics
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Our drive for efficiency

In livestock farming it is essential to have balanced animal feeds in stock in the right quantities. With SilFit, our innovative tool for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Transport planning, Nijhof-Wassink is organising the logistics and stock management of animal feeds. We do this for (animal feed) producers, wholesalers and livestock farmers. By optimising the supply chain, from factory to farmyard, Nijhof-Wassink contributes to healthy business operations and to healthy animals. 

Vendor Managed Inventory for feed and fertilizers

SilFit, a 100% subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink, developed for monitoring inventory of bulk goods in silos a fully automated silo content measuring system. Proven technology, based on Siemens measurement and communication equipment, determines real-time the level of dry and liquid bulk goods in the silo. Through an online portal you always have insight into your own and your customers actual stock levels: per company, per silo and per type of product. With this information you can easily adjust your production planning to the actual demand. The supply interval can also be optimised and rush orders can be prevented.

Inventory management

When the stock level reaches a predetermined tipping point, then you will automatically be notified by e-mail or text message. It is also possible to automatically generate orders. For the producer SilFit VMI ensures more transparency in the order flow and an optimal production planning. The farmer is offered a total piece of mind and always has sufficient feed in stock.

Benefits of SilFit VMI

For the end user

  • Prevent rush orders
  • Always know your inventory

For the producer

  • Transparency in order flows
  • Improved distribution of orders per week
  • Optimized production planning
  • Increase average order size

SilFit Transport planning: advanced route and journey planning

Improve the logistics services to your customers, save on transport kilometres and time and at the same time reduce your CO2 emissions? You realise that by completely or partly hand over your route and journey planning to Nijhof-Wassink. In the Netherlands, the experienced planners of SilFit Planning are currently controlling more than 150 vehicles. By combining journeys, we can use our equipment more efficiently. 

Supply chain optimisation

SilFit can coordinate the complete delivery and removal logistics for you. We ensure that your orders are scheduled and manage the carriers. We use a network of reliable carriers who distribute your goods as efficiently as possible. We can also exclusively arrange the planning, while you remain responsible for the choice of carrier. It is also possible to transfer part of your orders to SilFit, for example, for - from a logistics point of view - loss-making customers. By combining journeys, we reduce the number of kilometres, what results for you in a savings on the logistics costs per transported unit.

The advantages of SilFit Transport planning

  • Optimisation of your route and journey planning
  • Reduction of empty kilometres 
  • Total overview of transport flows
  • Centralised planning
  • Better fleet utilisation
  • Savings logistics costs

More about SilFit 

Herco Eshuis
Account Manager Feed Logistics

Reudink and SilFit expand logistics collaboration

With effect from 1 October 2019, Reudink, a division of the ForFarmers group and active in organic animal feed, and SilFit will expand their logistics collaboration. SilFit, a subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink that already provides part of the current transport activities, will oversee all bulk deliveries from Reudink.

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Unburdening, focussing and pioneering

We’re the Lead Logistic Provider for the entire supply chain, and in this role we distinguish ourselves in all kinds of ways. Our strength lies in not only providing the customer with that requested, but above all providing what is needed, which increases efficiency.

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Taking care of everything, from A to Z

Speed, capacity and flexibility: factors in which Trouw Nutrition, Nijhof-Wassink and SilFit can find agreement. We provide a complete solution in the context of our partnership, so that the supply and removal of raw materials and products runs as efficiently as possible and Trouw Nutrition can concentrate on its core business

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Feeding the future

It is our ambition is to work together with our suppliers and buyers to achieve higher standards of food safety and animal health. This all helps us achieve our mission of ‘feeding the future’. says Geert de Meulemeester, logistics manager and coordinator at the Ghent site of Trouw Nutrition

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Nijhof-Wassink KFT and Agrifirm Magyarország join forces

Nijhof-Wassink Hungary has recently started a collaboration with the Hungarian branch of the global feed producer Agrifirm. From 3 Agrifirm production locations in Kaba, Környe and Györ, Nijhof-Wassink will transport the animal feed products to farms in Hungary and surrounding border areas.

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