Liquid Bulk Logistics

Tonny Wolberink
Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics
Tonny Wolberink
Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics
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Tank transport 

Nijhof-Wassink is an expert in the road and intermodal transport of mainly liquid chemicals. We transport both ADR and non-ADR products. With a widespread international network and a strong local presence, we are your reliable transport partner in Europe. Come and meet our drive for Liquid Bulk Logistics.

Specialists in intermodal transport

The hubs of Nijhof-Wassink have a direct connection to rail and waterways. These intermodal locations are located in Rotterdam and Coevorden and are connected to the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg. Through all these hubs we optimise your transport flows by water, rail or road. 

The right equipment for tank transport

Nijhof-Wassink knows what it takes to move your liquids safely and quickly from A to B. To do this we have well-maintained trucks with a compressor or pump, single and multi-compartment tank trailers, and tank containers in different types and sizes. Your liquids can be delivered at exactly the right temperatures thanks to the heating systems on the trucks. Our storage location in Coevorden (NL77) is also equipped with steam and glycol based heating installations, so that we can also heat or heat up your products over a longer period of time. 

Safety during transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

The transport of liquid chemicals requires special attention to safety. This is why that attention to safety is a primary part of our corporate culture. We apply the strictest safety requirements when choosing the equipment. Our semi-trailers and containers can, without exception, be operated from the ground. Our drivers and on-site operators (OSOs) are representative, customer-friendly perfectionists who work in a meticulous manner and follow strict procedures. They are trained in ADR and BBS (Behavior Based Safety) and are constantly supervised by our in-house coaches and mentor drivers. 

Innovative Transport Management System

Our modern Transport Management system (TMS) enables us to work even more focused, more efficient and more productive. It is one of the innovative developments of Nijhof-Wassink LIVE with which we establish a real-time connection between your and our IT systems. By, among other things, sharing the order status, the loading and unloading times, the semi-trailer truck location and even your stock level, you and we together are achieving the ultimate digital supply chain network. You can track your transports live and are always informed of the latest state of affairs.

Tonny Wolberink
Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics

How we supported Diversey in meeting the huge demand

Collaborative thinking and flexibility are both important principles in our partnerships with our clients. We were able to support Diversey in a range of ways when they were confronted with a high demand for disinfectants as a result of COVID-19.

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How Diversey helps to combat COVID-19

What impact has COVID-19 had on Diversey? Karel van Gorp, Managing Director of Diversey Benelux, illustrates this simply with the number 25. 'At one point, demand for our disinfectants was 25 times greater than the production capacity. This is really unprecedented.'

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Substantial CO2 reduction with intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is sustainable. By transporting goods to Poland by rail, we’ve achieved around a 46% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to transport by road.

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Covestro. Hidden from view, but present everywhere

Covestro is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality polymers. “Our sustainability commitments go beyond our own walls, as we expect the same level of engagement from our suppliers.”

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Nijhof-Wassink implements preventive measures to ensure continuity of the logistics process

In view of the current developments regarding the containment of coronavirus, the board and management of Nijhof-Wassink have decided to implement certain preventive measures to ensure the continuity of the logistics process in your and our business operations.

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New Managing Director Chemical Logistics Division

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Bertil Bouwhuis, our new Managing Director Chemical Logistics.

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Partnership with great chemistry

With six locations across Europe and two in China and sales markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Aliancys is the market leader in high-quality synthetic resins.

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Anti-freeze by train

The winters in Poland are generally harsher than those in the Netherlands. The heavy snowfalls and biting cold mean that having sufficient supplies of screenwash in your vehicle is essential.

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On the way to Poland by rail

Currently, ten shuttle trains travel from the Port of Rotterdam to various container terminals in Poland every week. These travel according to a fixed timetable so that our clients are assured of flexibility and are also ensured that their product will be delivered on time.

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