A well-oiled machine


Good communication forms the basis for successful cooperation. The partnership between Eurol and Nijhof-Wassink is a good example of this.

When it comes to the supply of base oils, we carry out practically all the transport for Eurol. We transport these base oils from refineries and storage locations in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Germany to Eurol’s production site in Nijverdal.

Coordination between the locations is the most important thing, especially given the limited storage capacity. On average we deliver three tankers every day, for a total of over 23 million litres of base oils a year. The orders need to be delivered just-in-time or else production will grind to a halt. That is why both our planning department and that of Eurol are in daily contact about the scheduled deliveries. Our entire fleet is also equipped with track and trace, which allows us to follow our truck-trailer combinations precisely. This enables us to carry out the planning exactly as Eurol wishes and requires.

Additional storage capacity
The lines of communication are short, both literally and figuratively. This is thanks to the combination of daily fine-tuning of the planning and the short distance between our site in Rijssen and Eurol in Nijverdal, which allows us to adapt quickly. For example, what if something changes in Eurol’s production planning? We have the facilities to temporarily station tankers at our site in Rijssen.

We also work together in other areas. For example, we supply tank containers to Eurol for temporary extra storage capacity on site, and our sister company Nijwa Group buys many products from Eurol. The cooperation with Eurol runs like a well-oiled machine!

Author:  Tonny Wolberink
Tonny Wolberink | Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics

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