Tank Cleaning

Our drive for tank cleaning

The Nijhof-Wassink tank cleaning stations are EFTCO certified and more than meet the SQAS requirements that are set with regard to organisation, quality, safety and care for the environment. 

At our branches in Rijssen and Coevorden (Netherlands) Nijhof-Wassink offers professional tank cleaning for both dry chemical products and animal feed products (GMP+/Feed). Our branch in Kutno (Poland) can also offer you cleaning of tank trailers which have been used to transport liquid chemical products. In our modern tank cleaning stations, which are equipped with heating and cooling facilities, we do not only clean our own bulk trailers and containers, but we can also offer you fast, efficient and thorough bulk tank cleaning of your tank trailers. The tank cleaning is computer-controlled, which guarantees short waiting times and maximum results. After cleaning, the driver will receive the official European Cleaning Document (EDC) and will be able to go directly to the next loading location. 

ADR cleaning and GMP cleaning

Nijhof-Wassink is the address for reliable ADR cleaning (Kutno in Poland) and GMP cleaning (the Netherlands and Poland). To further exclude contamination, fittings such as connectors and hoses can also be cleaned in our cleaning stations. 

Product overview Tank Cleaning


Call the branch of your choice for more information or to make an appointment.

Nijhof-Wassink – Tankcleaning Rijssen (NL)

Galvanistraat 18
7461 JC Rijssen
Tel:  +31 548 538 000

Nijhof-Wassink – Tankcleaning Coevorden (NL)

De Mars 18
7742 PE Coevorden
Tel: +31 524 597 350

Nijhof-Wassink Tankcleaning Kutno (PL)

ul. Holenderska 3
99-300 Kutno, Poland
Tel: +48 243570018


René Guit
Warehousing Manager NL

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