Safety & Quality

Caring for people and surroundings is paramount in the daily activities of Nijhof-Wassink. This means a proactive approach in the area of quality, health, safety, security and durability. The strict standard that our clients use for the transport of their products is the generally applicable standard at Nijhof-Wassink.

Business Improvement and SHEQ

He who wants to be the best, must deliver quality. Nijhof-Wassink delivers nothing less than that. Especially because we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve. Our Business Improvement department is involved in training, technology and innovations. By tackling this seriously, we can guarantee an optimum performance in the field of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ). For both now and in the future.


Attention to safety

Nijhof-Wassink is actively involved in the health and safety of its employees and surroundings. We do everything we can to enable our drivers to get home safely. This is not only important for the safety of our own drivers, but also for the surroundings while driving and on or around our loading and unloading locations. We aim for zero accidents and want to prevent incidents and accidents.

We are involved in various national and international initiatives around this topic. We also make our knowledge available to the industry. Nijhof-Wassink has its own safety advisor (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor/DGSA).

Some examples of safety at Nijhof-Wassink:

  • Annual evaluation of the QHSSE system by independent auditors using the Safety and Quality Assessment System
  • Our fleet consists exclusively of new Volvo trucks, equipped with many active and passive safety systems and features
  • Employees have an in-depth product knowledge of the substances that we store and transport
  • Established procedures for loading and unloading to prevent deterioration and contamination
  • ‘Near-miss' protocol to report risky situations to our quality assurance employees and clients
  • An extensive training package, with, among other things, the courses Work at height, Working with the forklift, ADR awareness and Anti-tilt training.
  • As a GMP certified company we guarantee the food quality and animal feed safety

Behaviour Based Safety

When translating our safety policy into day-to-day implementation, our BBS coaches have an important and mentor-drivers role to play. New drivers go through an intensive training programme under the guidance of an experienced mentor driver. From the moment a driver joins the company, we will continue to follow and train him in the area of driving behaviour and work safely. This way working safely becomes a habit. Other important elements in the BBS program are random spot checks and exit checks, deal consciously with the driving and rest times and extensive driver instructions when putting into service a new truck.


Nijhof-Wassink is certified according to:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 22000:2018
Responsible Care
ECTA Membership
GMP B1, B3 and B4

Nijhof-Wassink also participates in the following initiatives and standards:

SQAS tankcleaning
SQAS transport service
SQAS Warehouse
ATCN Rijssen
ATCN Coevorden
Keurmerk veilig ondernemen

Would you like to know more about our initiatives regarding quality and safety? Then contact your account manager or Erik Taal, SHEQ manager and Safety Advisor.

Contact:  Erik Taal
Erik Taal | SHEQ manager

People, Planet, Profit

A sustainable way of working that is good for people and environment: that is what Nijhof-Wassink stands for. With our work method we are creating a balance between the 3 P's: People, Planet and Profit.

Innovation at Nijhof-Wassink

Those who want to stay ahead in the transport world, must continually innovate. For this reason, at Nijhof-Wassink we give high priority to innovation in the field of safety, equipment, training and IT systems. By working on this, we can guarantee an optimal performance.

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