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See also our privacy statement.

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Lastly, buttons of social media are included on our website. The code used for this originates from the relevant media. We have no influence on the further use of this information by these companies. Read regularly the privacy statement of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to learn what they do with your (personal) data.

People, Planet, Profit

A sustainable way of working that is good for people and environment: that is what Nijhof-Wassink stands for. With our work method we are creating a balance between the 3 P's: People, Planet and Profit.

Safety & Quality

Caring for people and surroundings is paramount in the daily activities of Nijhof-Wassink. This means a proactive approach in the area of quality, health, safety, security and durability. The strict standard that our clients use for the transport of their products is the generally applicable standard at Nijhof-Wassink.

Innovation at Nijhof-Wassink

Those who want to stay ahead in the transport world, must continually innovate. For this reason, at Nijhof-Wassink we give high priority to innovation in the field of safety, equipment, training and IT systems. By working on this, we can guarantee an optimal performance.

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