Fuel Distribution

Jan Meuleman
Manager Fuel Distribution
Jan Meuleman
Manager Fuel Distribution
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Fuel distribution

Nijhof-Wassink distributes dedicated fuels out of different fuel depots and refineries to service stations, industries and other high-volume users. We do not compromise in any way regarding safety and quality of equipment and people, something that seamlessly fits with the high quality standard of our clients.  Come and meet our drive for Fuel Distribution.

Modern equipment for tank transport

The fleet of Nijhof-Wassink consists exclusively of Volvo trucks. These tankers are equipped with all possible types of active and passive vehicle safety systems offered by Volvo Trucks.  When configuring our tankers, we opted for lightweight parts wherever possible, without compromising on safety.  This resulted in a higher payload, allowing us to transport more fuel with fewer kilometres. The tank trailers are equipped with a release system that allows the products to always be pumped over safely, carefully, and quickly.

Skilful and safe in ADR transport

Our fuel drivers are very professional, representative, customer-friendly ADR-specialists who work meticulously and according to strict procedures. Their personal skills are maintained through intensive ADR and safety training courses. Such as the anti-rollover training for effective anticipation of a load moving on the tank trailer. In addition, they are continuously coached by our team of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) instructors. 

Responsible Care

In 2009 Nijhof Wassink was one of first transport companies to join Responsible Care. This is the global initiative of the chemical industry for improving health, sustainability, safety and transparent communication with our stakeholders. 



Jan Meuleman
Manager Fuel Distribution

Delivering fuel at any time and to any location

“Our task is to ensure that our clients have access to fuel of the right quality at the right location and right moment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year”, states Arnold Scherpenkate of VARO Energy.

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Design in co-makership

Thanks to my passion for technology and my years of experience in the transportation of chemical products, I am extremely interested to see how we can improve our equipment even further.

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Providing total transport solutions

No-nonsense, short lines of communication, meeting agreements and focussing on quality. These are the clear similarities between VARO Energy and Nijhof-Wassink.

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