Delivering fuel at any time and to any location


VARO Energy is active in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and France. The company has been in existence since 2012, when the refinery in Cressier (Switzerland) was acquired. Since then, VARO Energy has grown rapidly thanks to various mergers and acquisitions and has become the largest independent trader in fuels in Northwest Europe.

“Our task is to ensure that our clients have access to fuel of the right quality at the right location and right moment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year”, states Arnold Scherpenkate, Wholesale Manager Netherlands. The company is busy in Northwest Europe with the refining, storage and marketing (sales) of fuel products and is the market leader in the area of logistics service provision of fuels in the Benelux. That is why VARO Energy is active in the entire chain: from refinery to end user.


Logistics partners play an important role. VARO Energy and Nijhof-Wassink have been collaborating since 2017, when VARO acquired the Brand Oil & amiGo-petrol stations. Nijhof-Wassink handled the transport for Brand Oil back then. Now Nijhof-Wassink transports fuel for VARO Energy from terminals to petrol stations. Nijhof-Wassink’s Liquid Bulk Logistics department also transports fuel additives to VARO depots in the Netherlands and Belgium. VARO Energy has nine terminals in the Netherlands, where fuel is distributed from. “The most important task for our logistics partners is that our petrol stations stay ‘wet’ so that a consumer can always fill their tank at the petrol stations”, says Scherpenkate. “No product means no sales. Nijhof-Wassink does this to absolute satisfaction, the collaboration proceeds well. They know what they are talking about, can rapidly and easily respond to situations and are also a social company. When we acquired the UFG petrol stations, better known as DOC and Van den Belt, the entire logistics including personnel were taken over by Nijhof-Wassink, for example. This occurred whilst respecting and maintaining all working conditions and in some cases this even led to improvements.”

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