People, Planet, Profit

A sustainable way of working that is good for people and environment: that is what Nijhof-Wassink stands for. With our work method we are creating a balance between the 3 P's: People, Planet and Profit.


At Nijhof-Wassink, we all work together to ensure that our customers get the best possible service. Our company offers direct employment to 850 employees and, together with our other business activities, to 1400 employees. Our people and their families are of great value to us. After all, the quality of our company is created by our employees. We offer employees plenty of opportunities to develop their capabilities further and to grow with the company. Work is not only important to generate income, but also to be of significance and to participate in society. For people with a disadvantage on the labour market, this applies like for no other. Nijhof-Wassink offers them an opportunity.


To be able to excel as a company, our people have to be able to work in pleasant and safe environment. Nijhof-Wassink is actively involved in the health and safety of its employees and surroundings. We do everything we can to enable our drivers to get home safely. We have our own Safety Advisor Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). In order to prevent incidents, 7 Life-saving rules are followed that focus on our biggest safety risks. Everyone who works at or for Nijhof-Wassink must adhere to these rules. To further increase the safety awareness of our drivers, Nijhof-Wassink works with own BBS coaches. With our Behaviour Based Safety program the coaches make our drivers aware of the impact of their behaviour on the performance of the semi-trailer truck and on safety.



Attention to people and environment is paramount in the daily activities of Nijhof-Wassink. Caring for our planet means good stewardship for Nijhof-Wassink where we treat people, animals and the environment with respect. We work according to the Responsible Care principle. This worldwide initiative is aimed at continuous improvement of the performance in the area of safety, health and environment. Work processes are organised in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible, an optimum safety is guaranteed and we cause the least possible inconvenience to our employees and the surroundings.

Within Nijhof-Wassink we are continuously developing and testing our equipment and we train drivers to further reduce CO²-emissions. By maintaining our fleet very frequently we drive with the right tires, with the right tension and on correctly aligned wheels and axles. That saves fuel and reduces CO²-emissions.

Our sustainability goals


Nijhof-Wassink operates at the heart of society. Our suppliers are local businesses. This way we promote the local economy and increase our embedding in society and around our locations. We also find it very important that attention is paid and support is given to our fellow man, in any form, both in the Netherlands and beyond our national borders. We offer financial assistance through various foundations. The foundation Stichting Over@Leven, for example, advises and supports people with cancer. We also support a large number of clubs and events in the sports and culture sector. Additionally, Nijhof-Wassink helps, with goods and financially, among others, a children's orphanage and a hospital in Poland.

Safety & Quality

Caring for people and surroundings is paramount in the daily activities of Nijhof-Wassink. This means a proactive approach in the area of quality, health, safety, security and durability. The strict standard that our clients use for the transport of their products is the generally applicable standard at Nijhof-Wassink.

Innovation at Nijhof-Wassink

Those who want to stay ahead in the transport world, must continually innovate. For this reason, at Nijhof-Wassink we give high priority to innovation in the field of safety, equipment, training and IT systems. By working on this, we can guarantee an optimal performance.

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