Design in co-makership


Thanks to my passion for technology and my years of experience in the transportation of chemical products, I am extremely interested to see how we can improve our equipment even further. I challenge myself to look whether we can work even more efficiently with the deployment of our equipment and therefore deliver in an even more sustainable way. Thanks to innovations and new insights there are new possibilities to get more out of our equipment without compromising quality and safety. That is why I commenced work with a supplier of ours some time ago to see if we could increase the payload of our new fuel trailers.

Our Chemical Logistics division recently invested in 13 new trailers for the distribution of fuels. As a co-makership we have further developed the latest trailer in close collaboration with our German manufacturer Willig, our client Fieten Olie and a number of Nijhof-Wassink drivers. This has led to a change in the distribution of the compartments to increase the ease of use and the safety of the trailer. In addition, we have also looked into whether the payload can be increased. We have reviewed the construction and we have adjusted the type of material on essential points. We now use carbon as well. This is lighter and also a strong and reliable material. The new trailer now has one of the largest volumes in the market. And thanks to an electronic measuring system with the associated efficient piping system, it has become possible to reduce the total unloading time. Wonderful to work with other enthusiasts on efficiency on wheels.

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