Providing total transport solutions


No-nonsense, short lines of communication, meeting agreements and focussing on quality. These are the clear similarities between VARO Energy and Nijhof-Wassink. We have enjoyed a pleasant collaboration for almost two years, following the acquisition of Brand Oil by VARO Energy. When VARO subsequently acquired the DOC petrol stations in Lichtenvoorde and Van den Belt in Drachten, it gave us the opportunity to grow further. We currently supply almost 150 petrol stations through the entire Netherlands, deploying seven combinations over various shifts.

We carry out the comprehensive supply planning to ensure the end client has access to sufficient fuel at all times. Doing the planning ourselves gives us the option to deploy people and equipment as efficiently as possible. In this partnership, we provide a total transport solution which starts with the transport from the different VARO depots and ends with automatically sending checked data to the VARO systems. This instantly provides insight into what we have transported and VARO can handle everything further internally.

We work very closely with each other to integrate the various IT systems in the correct way, which certainly goes far beyond a direct connection. Our new Transport Management System (TMS) appears to be particularly suitable to fully automate these types of processes, providing our clients with a total solution.

Author:  Bertil Bouwhuis
Bertil Bouwhuis | Managing Director

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