Anti-freeze by train


The winters in Poland are generally harsher than those in the Netherlands. The heavy snowfalls and biting cold mean that having sufficient supplies of screenwash in your vehicle is essential. And, of course, with added anti-freeze. An unimpeded view of the road is vital for safe driving. One of our customers is a major supplier of screenwash for the Polish market. Demand for the product is strongly influenced by the weather conditions. If there is no snow, there is hardly any call for the product, but once snowflakes start falling, it’s sold out in no-time. So it is vital for our customer to anticipate weather conditions in time in order to satisfy the demand for screenwash. At Nijhof-Wassink we provide a flexible, high quality solution in the form of floating stock.

Before the winter even begins in Poland, we collect the screenwash from the manufacturer in our tank containers. Our containers are loaded onto the PCC trains at the CTT-terminal in Rotterdam. These trains depart six times a week from the port of Rotterdam to the rail terminal in Kutno, Poland. From the ADR-depot at the rail terminal we can provide fast and flexible delivery services to our customer‘s customers on a call-off basis. This gives the screenwash manufacture the safeguard that he can deliver when demand for the product rises, and ensures good quality transport from door to door. Pre-loading the containers, transport by rail, storage, stock reporting and distribution to the final customers – the entire logistic and administrative process is organised and performed by Nijhof-Wassink. Because of our local presence in Poland we can ensure to provide the best service and performance. By working with a floating stock and using intermodal transport, we contribute to our Responsible Care principle. The large stocks of screenwash are taken to Poland in one transport movement. This reduces CO2 emissions, lessens road congestion and lowers the transport costs. And less traffic on the roads reduces the risk of accidents. Responsible Care is extremely important at Nijhof-Wassink. It’s something we work on all year round. During anti-freeze-free months and when anti-freeze is in high demand!

Author:  Tonny Wolberink
Tonny Wolberink | Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics

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