How we supported Diversey in meeting the huge demand


We started handling ethanol transport for Diversey. Disinfectants must contain at least 70% ethanol for proper effect, so there was a great need for that raw material. We load the alcohol at various locations in Germany and the Netherlands and deliver it to a production location in England, where we then load the finished disinfectant product for delivery to filling locations in England, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy.

In this project we offered a combined concept of road and intermodal transport. Flexibility is an important advantage of intermodal transport. Storing tank containers in the interim allows us to accomodate unforeseen production delays, without a direct impact on the whole suplly chain. This allows costs to be kept relatively low. the combination with road transport allows us to guarantee on-time-delivery, which is of great importance because the filling lines must be continuously operational. In the period May to June alone, we transported a total of about 1.9 million litres of alcohol and 2.3 million litres of disinfectant for Diversey.

Cleaning products
In addition to these extra activities, our other regular activities for Diversey continued as usual. Our Liquid Bulk Logistics department handles transport of cleaning products for Diversey, delivering them to packers for transfer into small packages, and to the food industry. The latter primarily involves cleaning agents that are used at production locations. These tasks are mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

Working safely
The focus on safety and safe working is another important value that Diversey and Nijhof-Wassink share. We only load and unload when it is safe to do so. This also means that our drivers will not load or unload in cases where all the safety regulations are not met, e.g. if there is no eyewash available at an unloading location, or if a driver is asked to take a sample of the product. This does sometimes lead to discussions with the client's client. It is nice to know that Diversey holds the same viewpoint and supports you as your client.

Author:  Tonny Wolberink
Tonny Wolberink | Commercial Manager Liquid Bulk Logistics

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