Partnership with great chemistry


Aliancys, originally a Dutch company, develops, produces and sells synthetic resins which are used to manufacture composites. With six locations across Europe and two in China and sales markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the company is the market leader in high-quality synthetic resins.

Composites are often stronger and lighter than natural materials, they do not rust and can be given the exact properties which are important for a certain application. The material that is constructed from various components is therefore rapidly gaining ground in the manufacturing industry. Composites are used for container tanks, car bodies, wind turbine blades, sewer pipes and even concrete reinforcement.

Thinking along with the client

Aliancys previously operated under the name of DSM Composite Resins. The company has been operating independently since 2016.

The heart, or rather the brain of the organisation, is located in the DSM building in Zwolle. “Our company vision is based on two pillars: building towards the current and the future business of our clients", says CEO Bert Bakker. "We do this by supplying high-quality synthetic resins, by thinking along with our clients and by investing in product development. A working method unique to this industry."

The same philosophy

The European synthetic resins of Aliancys are produced in factories in Compiègne (France), Filago (Italy) and Schoonebeek (the Netherlands). Aliancys works closely with Nijhof-Wassink for the logistics operation in the Dutch and French factories. "We value quality, service and reliability and throughout the chain we search for partners that have the same philosophy", says Bert Bakker. "Since 2000, Nijhof-Wassink has been handling the road transport from Schoonebeek to our clients throughout Europe. It concerns both road and container transport, using conditioned tanks where the liquid synthetic resins are transported at the correct temperature. In addition, we also deliver resins in IBCs and barrels. Nijhof-Wassink has been providing the warehousing for these volumes for four years." Previously Nijhof-Wassink had a shuttle service of four trailers which transported the produced synthetic resins twice a day to their warehouse in Coevorden, where they were stored and transported onwards as part loads.

Exchange of personnel

The collaboration between Aliancys and Nijhof-Wassink is a strong partnership. There are even on-site operators employed by Nijhof-Wassink who are permanently stationed in Schoonebeek. They are trained by Aliancys to ensure the safe operation of the flammable synthetic resins and lend a hand in and around the factory, in addition to cleaning and filling the tankers. The on-site operators have a truck available and multiple tankers. A drop and swap system is used: the synthetic resins are pumped into the ready and waiting empty tanker immediately following production, which can subsequently be driven away by a Nijhof-Wassink driver, directly to the client or to a transfer station or transhipment port for further transport by rail or sea. This makes storage and further handling unnecessary. The exchange of personnel is not limited to the on-site operators in Schoonebeek, but is also visible at Nijhof-Wassink in Rijssen; the planner that coordinates the Aliancys transports was previously a dispatch staff member of the former DSM Composite Resins and is now employed at Nijhof-Wassink.

Focus on core business

"Our idea is that you must focus on what you do best. Aliancys is a specialist in developing, producing and marketing of new synthetic resins, Nijhof-Wassink excels in warehousing and transport. What is pleasant about the collaboration is the proactive organisation and the consistent quality of their service provision. We do not have to remind them of this, it is ingrained in the company culture. We can focus on our core business and trust that Nijhof-Wassink will deliver our products to the client in the best condition and on time."

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