Nijhof-Wassink BVBA and D.V.M. TRANS BVBA join logistics forces in Belgium

“Our activities in Belgium are developing positively. It’s imperative that we continue to provide our customers with flawless services. Soon, we’ll mainly be using Belgian drivers and management to ensure smooth communication with our customers and their customers. A local connection with the Flanders region is very important for our customers and employees in this respect. The partnership with D.V.M. Trans reflects our ambitions. D.V.M. Trans is a well-known player in the agricultural sector in Flanders, and, like us, an organisation where service is a top priority. This is proven by the fact that the company won the Transport Gazelles prize in 2019. Together, our objective is to provide even better support to animal feed manufacturers in Belgium. With this strategic partnership, we’re further expanding the number of locations, vehicles available, and contact with the local market. This cooperation reflects our Europe-wide strategy. Partnerships with other transport parties is in our DNA. “Since we provide both transport and planning services, we can guarantee customers extra flexibility, better service, transport certainty and cost efficiency," according to Martin Schoemaker, Feed Logistics General Manager at Nijhof-Wassink.

“Like us, Nijhof-Wassink has a policy of investing in cooperating with customers and their partners. This is important for us, and allowed us to join forces. Their vision and corporate culture are consistent with ours, so we can talk about a long-term partnership which allows us to get even closer to the customers and their buyers, and guarantee flawless services. Working together can only make us stronger,” says Vanoverberghe Dieter, Managing Director of D.V.M. Trans BVBA.


Martin Schoemakervanoverberghe dieter

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