Feeding the future

How can we help feed 9 billion people around the globe by 2050, and what’s the most sustainable way to go about this? These are the questions that Trouw Nutrition, world leader in animal nutrition, places at the centre of its business operations. The goal is to provide the agricultural industry with the best possible nutrition, so it can produce high-quality proteins more efficiently, while maintaining the right balance between growth and responsible choices that protect humankind and the planet.

It is our ambition is to work together with our suppliers and buyers to achieve higher standards of food safety and animal health. This all helps us achieve our mission of ‘feeding the future’. says Geert de Meulemeester, logistics manager and coordinator at the Ghent site of Trouw Nutrition.

When planning logistics from Belgium to the Netherlands and Germany, Trouw Nutrition co­operates with SilFit, a subsidiary of the Nijhof-Wassink Group. De Meulemeester explains, “Reducing the number of kilometres that trucks travel without cargo is an important goal for us in the context of the sustainability of logistics. We’ve been working really hard on this in recent years. It’s not only cheaper, it’s better for the environment. We’ve got a great partner­ship with SilFit in this respect. Everything that we transport from Ghent to the Netherlands and Germany goes through SilFit. They optimise our planning, and look for a return cargo near the unloading address. Occasionally this might be for us, but usually it’s for another customer. That reduces the number of kilometres that trucks travel without cargo, and lowers the cost price per kilometre.”

Logistics partner
A good logistics organisation is necessary to safeguard the quality and safety of the products in the chain from production to the end customer, De Meulemeester continues. “For many years now, SilFit has been a reliable logistics partner for transporting our bulk products and supplying bulk raw materials. At Trouw Nutrition Benelux, we consider the service level our customers receive to be of paramount importance. That means we’re flexible in terms of the speed of delivery, we handle our products correctly during unloading, and have an extensive fleet on hand that meets our customers’ requirements. SilFit uses Nijhof-Wassink’s fleet of bulk carrier and resources of other transporters, who take care of transport to the Netherlands and Germany for us. SilFit is a logistics partner we can build on, and which proactively helps solve our logistics issues.

Successful cooperation
Trouw Nutrition needs partners that can help it grow further and achieve its ambitions, De Meulemeester concludes. “The way SilFit responds in this respect is one of the reasons behind the successful collaboration. A large part of that is the company carries out assignments. Drivers have been visiting us and our custom­ers for years, so they know the details of all the locations. That’s important to us, as the drivers are our first point of contact and an important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Trouw Nutrition, some facts and figures

  • Founded in 1931
  • Part of Nutreco
  • Produces in 25 countries
  • 7,000 employees worldwide
  • Sales in more than 90 countries
  • Trouw Nutrition Benelux has branches in Deventer, Sloten, Putten, Tilburg (NL) and Ghent (BE)

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