Nijhof-Wassink KFT and Agrifirm Magyarország join forces

Nijhof-Wassink Hungary has recently started a collaboration with the Hungarian branch of the global feed producer Agrifirm. From 3 Agrifirm production locations in Kaba, Környe and Györ, Nijhof-Wassink will transport the animal feed products to farms in Hungary and surrounding border areas.

With this deal, the Feed Logistics division of Nijhof-Wassink Hungary is expanding its fleet with 12 truck trailer combinations. With a total of 40 compound feed combinations, Nijhof-Wassink Hungary is by far the largest private transporter for animal feed products in Hungary. "It is a great and beautiful step for Nijhof-Wassink Kft. We are now growing to over 100 colleagues in Hungary. Growing is not our goal, but it is a beautiful milestone. And this deal certainly is, "says Martin Schoemaker, General Manager of Feed Logistics at Nijhof-Wassink. "We had been talking to each other for a while and now we are going to deliver a total package to them. In addition to transport, we also take care of the transport planning for Agrifim Hungary. Relieving and ensuring flexibility of deliveries with our young equipment and skilled drivers is also important in Hungary. These are the things that we are known for and what we are good at. With our people in Hungary, we ensure that we also have and maintain connections at a local level with our customers and the end customer. We do so the same in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland ", says Martin Schoemaker.

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