Unburdening, focussing and pioneering


Our goal is to optimise the entire process between manufacturer, haulage company, and end user. We’re the Lead Logistic Provider for the entire supply chain, and in this role we distinguish ourselves in all kinds of ways. Our strength lies in not only providing the customer with that requested, but above all providing what is needed, which increases efficiency.

Many animal feed manufacturers take the order to the customer, and then return to the factory with an empty truck.
That’s something we often avoid by driving from the factory to the end customer, unloading the product, and then loading close by at the end customer of another manufacturer. That reduces the number of miles driven with an empty truck, thereby optimising the load factor, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

We supply our own means of transport, including drivers, and cooperate with transport partners who do the same. It all makes us extremely flexible, and able to ensure that we can always make a delivery, even at peak times. A major advantage for the manufacturer is that we provide safeguards in terms of capacity, so the manufacturer doesn’t have to invest in transport resources and drivers. Our drivers are well trained, and know their profession. We also actively support them with special transport coordinators and technical coordinators, who assist drivers with advice and help to solve any problems.

Save time

Data and IT play an important role in further refining the logistics process. We’re unique in this aspect. We use data analysis to further optimise processes. One example is the loading process at a factory, where various peak moments arise throughout one day. If there are only four loading lanes and eight bulk lorries all turn up at the same time, it costs time and money. The data we generate allows us to help the customer spread this process more evenly throughout the day, so that bulk lorries are not stationary for no good reason. Our drivers in the Feed Division make around 3,000 journeys a week. If you can save 3 minutes per journey, it all adds up to seriously large numbers. Unburdening, focussing and pioneering: That’s our strength. 

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