Agrifirm is intensifying its partnership with Nijhof-Wassink

The Royal Agrifirm Group has concluded a five-year contract with SilFit, a Nijhof-Wassink subsidiary. Agrifirm has been working alongside our companies since 2014. This new agreement significantly broadens the volume and range of logistics services. SilFit will be responsible for all Agrifirm's bulk haulage in the Netherlands and Belgium, for example.

SilFit specialises in haulage planning, and its aim is to optimise this service between suppliers and customers. “We’re delighted that our partnership, already in existence for many years, is being expanded,” says Dick Hordijk, CEO of the Royal Agrifirm Group. “The drivers of our green-yellow bulk trucks are Agrifirm's ambassadors at the farm. We strive to ensure that logistics are designed as efficiently as possible, with maximum service and attention to the continuity of deliveries to our customers. We’re now going to take some fantastic steps forward in the fields of quality, safety, sustainability and innovation.”

“The agreement represents amazing recognition for our company, drivers, planners, colleagues in the office, and our way of working together. This working method is an excellent reflection of Agrifirm's sustainability ambitions. An important advantage is that logistics flows can now be better integrated with each other, which will lead to more efficient and flexible planning, as well as significant reductions on CO2 emissions,” says Martin Schoemaker, Feed Logistics Managing Director at Nijhof-Wassink.

 From 1 June 2021, SilFit will be responsible for the haulage planning of all Agrifirm's bulk trucks in the Netherlands and Belgium. Other haulage companies besides Nijhof-Wassink are also involved in this

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