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Speed, capacity and flexibility: factors in which Trouw Nutrition, Nijhof-Wassink and SilFit can find agreement. We arrange the logistics process in the Netherlands and Germany from A to Z, which means we relieve Trouw Nutrition of any concerns as much as possible. We provide a complete solution in the context of our partnership, so that the supply and removal of raw materials and products runs as effi ciently as possible and Trouw Nutrition can concentrate on its core business. For example, if Trouw Nutrition says it wants a certain raw material delivered next Wednesday, we arrange the entire logistics process and make sure they have nothing to worry about.

Our goal is simply to be the best logistics partner for our clients. The combination of the supply of raw materials to the Ghent site (Belgium) and the distribution of products to customers makes this collaboration special. SilFit is responsible for supervising and planning journeys. That makes the communication lines clear, and means the customer has a single point of contact. SilFit has the Nijhof-Wassink fleet at its disposal, and an extensive network of transport partners throughout Europe. This allows us to streamline the total process between producer, transporter and end user with maximum efficiency, which results in a high load factor and a minimum of kilometres driven without cargo. In this way, we minimize transport costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and ensure efficient and sustainable transport. A win-win situation for everybody involved!

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