Cargill Animal Nutrition Poland and Hungary expand long-standing relationship with Nijhof-Wassink

Cargill Animal Nutrition and Nijhof-Wassink have a long-standing business relationship. This has ensured that both parties understand each other. This new assignment represents amazing recognition of our partnership. From our office in Kutno, Poland we will arrange transport from six production sites in Dobrezlin, Bieganow, Ujazd Dolny, Krzemieniewo, Siercon and Kalisz.

For Cargill Animal Nutrition Hungary, dedicated combinations will be out on the road from five production sites in Karcag, Kaposvar, Papa, Hernad and Szentistvan. In addition to the transport movements, our office in Székesfehérvár will also organise some of the planning. This will enable transport movements to be planned even more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions in line with our ambitions to contribute to the European Union's Green Deal objective for climate-neutral operation by 2050.

"Cargill Animal Nutrition has been able to rely on and have fullest confidence in our specialism and extensive experience in the transport of compound feed for years. That confidence is now being rewarded by both parties entering into this contract. It is an immense compliment and acts as even greater motivation for everyone in our Feed Logistics division," says Martin Schoemaker, Managing Director Feed Logistics.


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