Triferto: from soil to life


As a wholesaler in mineral fertilisers for agriculture, arable farming and horticulture, Triferto is at the very foundation of a significant part of the harvests in Northwest Europe. The company is a market leader in the Netherlands and also holds a very strong position in the surrounding countries. Triferto also has a major presence in far-flung countries: its export activities expand to 60 countries, as far and wide as Africa and Asia.

Making agriculture more sustainable

In addition to the wholesale function in the supply chain from producer to end user, Triferto has invested significant energy into product development and innovation. The objective: to make agriculture more sustainable in order to respond to the increasing global demand for food. The Triferto R&D department is continually engaged in improving the current fertilisers and developing new products.

Optimising the supply chain

“The entire logistics operation has a huge spike in the fertilising season between February and September”, says Jeroen Rossy, CEO Triferto. “We used to work regionally with many different local transporters. When we started using our own in-house developed web-based order program TrifertoWeb, we decided to look for a collaboration with domestically operating, dedicated transport specialists. That is Nijhof-Wassink for the bulk transport of granular fertilisers. We searched for a party with a professional outlook and excellent domestic coverage, and one that is familiar with a farm setting. Our companies both have a strong focus on innovation. By linking TrifertoWeb to Nijhof-Wassink’s Fertiliser Transport Portal, the time between order and delivery can be reduced even further. Nijhof-Wassink planners have insight into our online order system and can plan transport movements very efficiently. Currently it is: next day deliveries on orders before 12 noon. Generally, Nijhof-Wassink delivers the fertilisers directly to the farmer with silo trailers, which saves an enormous amount of time, processing, storage and transhipment. Fully outsourcing the transport to a specialist relieves the burden on our organisation and the warehouses. We are subsequently able to invest more time in the service to our customers even during the immensely busy peak period.”

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