Feed Logistics division expands further in Germany with the acquisition of transport company Meyer Agrarlogistik

From 1 October 2022, the activities of Landhandel Meyer’s logistics division in Bösel, Germany, will be taken over by Nijhof-Wassink’s Feed Logistics division. From this date onwards, the fleet of ten truck-trailer combinations, and thirteen employees, will continue under the name Meyer Agrarlogistik.

‘This acquisition fits into Nijhof-Wassink’s strategy to increase its transport for the compound feed industry, and to build an even stronger international and regional presence. It’s a great opportunity for both parties to join forces and be able to offer our customers enhanced flexibility, service and efficiency. Ralf Meyer, the previous owner, will remain associated with the company in a commercial capacity. ‘As a director of bulk and general cargo transports, we hope this step will further unburden our customers,’ says Martin Schoemaker, Feed Logistics Managing Director at Nijhof-Wassink.

Using more than 400 truck-trailer combinations on a daily basis, Nijhof-Wassink’s Feed Logistics division handles the bulk transport of dry raw materials and additives for the production of animal feed, such as proteins, milk powder, whey powder and vitamins, and they distribute compartmentalised transport for animal feeds, fertilizers and bagged goods from the manufacturers to their agricultural customers.

In the photo (L to R):  Martin Schoemaker (Nijhof-Wassink), Ralf Meyer (Landhandel Meyer) and Gert-Jan Meijerink (CFO Nijhof-Wassink Group)

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