The best solution is not always found on your driveway


What do you do when one of Belgium’s largest feed manufacturers requests assistance to make their ambitions a reality? New developments which will result in a far greater demand for the transport of their products to their customers.

You can respond by simply looking at the options within your own organisation. But this is not necessarily always the best solution. Your organisation can sometimes be the limiting factor. The size of the fleet, the availability of the drivers are a few examples of this. Currently, within our Feed Logistics division we have a decent sized fleet with 140 truck trailer combinations and with a total of 252 drivers a fairly large pool of drivers, but sometimes the solution to be able to follow the ambitious plans of your customers is found outside your own organisation.

To respond adequately to the ambitions of this customer we searched for a suitable fellow transport company to assist us. An equal partner that is also familiar with the Belgian market, that greatly values the quality and safety of equipment and drivers and is accustomed to collaborating. Important conditions for us, that we found in DBT Bulkvervoer from Kalmthout, Belgium. Using the equipment and drivers from both companies the large amounts of feed products from our customer are delivered to the end users. This form of collaboration means we can provide a fast and flexible service and guarantee delivery. Nijhof-Wassink manages these routes, as well as planning them so that there are clear communication lines and a single point of contact for the customer. With this way of working, our logistics partner DBT can benefit from a larger logistics network in addition to more efficient deployment of people and equipment. This set-up is a win-win-win situation for all parties. A wonderful example of a genuine partnership!

Author:  Herco Eshuis
Herco Eshuis | Account Manager Feed Logistics

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