A passion for poultry


De Hoop is a poultry specialists, eventually producing only poultry feed, making it the first and indeed the only feed producer in the Netherlands, specialising in the poultry sector. The decision to specialise and the dedication of the entire workforce have led to considerable growth. At De Hoop they work bij their principles: knowhow, craftsmanship and character.

According to nutrition studies, specific customer wishes and our own knowhow and experience, we create special recipes for our clients. Every poultry farmer is supplied with tailor-made feed. Our farm advisors ensure that we carefully monitor the latest developments at our clients. They maintain close contacts with farmers and are our personal eyes and ears in the business. Together with our clients, the consultants examine and discuss how we can add further value to their farm operations. They are the ultimate example of how our three principles: knowhow, craftsmanship and character are brought together,” says plant manager, Henri Brethouwer.

Our buyers are farmers who want to be the best in every aspect of their profession. They want to deliver top-quality meat, produce the best hatching eggs or collect the highest possible proportion of top-quality, sellable eggs for consumption.

Added value of transport

For the quality dairy feed produced from Zelhem, transport costs are not the only essential factor when selecting a logistic partner. Other key aspects are reliability, availability and good value for money. On the other hand, transport is a key factor in our relationship with our clients.

“We have now been working with Nijhof-Wassink for 2.5 years. Their approach to quality is reflected in everything they do. They operate a good quality, well-kept fleet of vehicles, and just like us, they are always there for their customers. Nijhof-Wassink helps us guarantee a delivery every time, even for urgent jobs. They always have a solution. In that sense, our cultures match perfectly. Both literally and figuratively, the drivers at Nijhof-Wassink speak our language, and that of our customers. They understand the rules of life on the farmyard. I get the impression that the drivers are indeed specially selected to drive for us,” concluded Henri Brethouwer. In other words, a passion for poultry meets a passion for transport.

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