Network of truck trailer combinations Nijhof-Wassink connects several customers in Poland

The Feed Logistics division of Nijhof-Wassink operates in Poland for a number of renowned animal feed manufacturers, where we have our own fleet for additional transport capacity to supplement our customers’ fleets. These truck trailer combinations feature the same corporate identity colours as the animal feed manufacturers for which they operate, and are dedicated to a single customer. To increase efficiency, reduce the number of kilometres driven with empty trucks, and lower CO2 emissions, Nijhof-Wassink has also been operating truck trailer combinations in Poland since 1 April 2019 in the neutral corporate colours of Nijhof-Wassink, as was already the case in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. This allows us to plan journeys more efficiently, and combine orders from various animal feed manufacturers with their buyers. Our customers benefit from fewer kilometres driven with empty trucks, an optimised load factor, and a clear reduction in transport costs.

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