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At Nijhof-Wassink Hungary we transport animal feed products for a large number of feed manufacturers from the various Hungarian factories to farms throughout Hungary. We also collect and deliver animal feed in the surrounding countries such as Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic.

In addition to the fact that our drivers come from many different countries and regions, each with their own traditions, there is also a significant difference in the quality of the farms and farmyards we deliver to. From hypermodern farming companies to quite simple farms, so a very diverse range of unloading addresses. But they all have one thing in common: they want the best feed for their animals, at the best price and delivered at a time most suitable for the farmer. This is more or less the same in all countries. We strive to assist our customers with these challenges.

For example, we have a customer who, as an extra service, wishes to inform their own customers when we will arrive at the farm to deliver the ordered feed. We looked into the possibility of having the driver sending an SMS message with the expected time of arrival, but this idea went out of the window when this customer saw our video about the introduction of our new Transport Management System (TMS) and the option of connecting our IT systems with those of our customers. This tool allows our customers to receive real-time shipment information showing the location of the shipment and the ETA at the farm. The ideal solution for our customer. Our systems will be inter-connected in the near future. The order is then sent to us automatically via the order entry in our own TMS. Currently, the customer service department of our customer can already track and monitor the movements of our trucks on a big screen. In addition, we ensure the farmer is informed of the ETA of the feed on the day of delivery.

A great step forward that creates new possibilities and opportunities to increase the efficiency of our cooperation with our customer: a need that is also universal.

Author:  Mark Farkas
Mark Farkas | Branch Manager Hungary

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