How do we work on a complete solution for Coops Mengvoeders?


Offering customisation, delivering quality, looking at how we can conduct transports as efficiently as possible, investing in long-term partnerships. That is where Coops Mengvoeders, Nijhof-Wassink and Ecotrans Logistics come together.

From bulk transport to bagged goods transport: we offer a full-service solution so we can take care of every aspect of transport for Coops Mengvoeders. In addition to dedicated and bagged goods transport, we are also able to provide extra capacity quickly when needed. Then we call in our own Nijhof-Wassink combinations. This flexibility helps Coops Mengvoeders to absorb fluctuations in demand and to serve its customers optimally.


Quality also means a modern fleet and specialised drivers. Our drivers have professional expertise and understand what is happening on the farm. They know how to approach a farmyard and understand that they don’t only represent us, but also the client.

Recent equipment

In addition to appearance and quality, we also look closely at efficiency. We have a modern fleet and our trucks are equipped with the most economical diesel engines. Combined with frequent maintenance, this saves fuel, which in turn contributes to efficiency. With our well-maintained, recent and modern equipment, we provide certainty for our customers.

Herco Eshuis
Commercial Manager, Feed Logistics

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