Safety First Service


How hard can warehousing be? Build a large warehouse, employ some people and then unload, store and load again. Fortunately, it's different at Nijhof-Wassink. With the utmost care for the products of our clients we have to bear in mind the varying interests of all parties that come together at our Logistics Centre in Kutno, central Poland. With a 40,000 m2 storage capacity, approximately 200 truck semi trailer trucks of external parties arriving daily for loading or unloading, the large number of staff members with forklifts or other equipment driving about on the site, making good agreements about working safely is an absolute must. ‘Clarity’ is the keyword.

With clarity for clients, subcontractors and suppliers we ensure that our staff members and all other visitors on our site can safely return home at the end of the day and that the quality of the products which have been entrusted to us remains good. Our own staff work conscientiously and accurately according to the HSE procedures. They receive regular training and our work procedures are constantly evaluated and improved where necessary. We set the bar extremely high in terms of quality and safety at our Logistics Centre. This applies to everyone. For example, we also discuss our safety instructions with our clients in order that their subcontractors can conform to these. These carriers come from Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. Before driving onto the site, their drivers are informed by way of an instruction form and a film about the applicable safety regulations at our Logistics Centre. Wearing protective clothing is included in this.

Unfortunately, visiting drivers often do not have a helmet, safety vest and/or safety footwear. Our safety regulations clearly state that they cannot enter the site without these items. We have opened our own shop to prevent delaying the on-time loading and to guarantee the safety of the visiting driver. They can use our shop to purchase the missing safety items. An excellent and successful Nijhof-Wassink Safety First Service.

Author:  Honorata PÄ™dziejewska
Honorata Pędziejewska | Forwarding and Customs Department Manager

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