Inland Terminals Group takes over Combi Terminal Twente

Inland Terminals Group, consisting of BCTN and MCS, reached an agreement with Bolk Transport and Nijhof-Wassink on the purchase of Combi Terminal Twente (CTT) as of December 14, 2023. By adding CTT’s three inland terminals, a partnership of 16 inland container terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium is created. Inland Terminals Group will be able to work on many opportunities in the field of efficiency, digitalization, administration and sustainability.

The 16 terminals connect large parts of the Netherlands and Flanders with the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Together the three terminal companies transport more than 800,000 TEU per year. With the expansion, Inland Terminals Group can meet the wishes of shippers and recipients to transport more cargo by water and to relieve the busy road network.


CTT was founded in 1996 by transport company Bolk from Almelo with the aim of providing intermodal transport by water and rail of sea containers to and from Twente. In 2001, BCTN, MCS and Nijhof-Wassink joined as new partners. Nijhof-Wassink has since become a 25% shareholder.

“Our operational involvement has been minimal from the start and our core business lies in the automotive and logistics sector. Together with the CTT colleagues, who will all remain, Inland Terminals Group can meet specific wishes and details of customers. It is a logical move for us to – literally – pave the way for Inland Terminals Group so that they can continue to grow. Also in the field of efficiency and sustainability”, said Erik Schiphorst (CEO Nijhof-Wassink Group).

Author:  Erik Schiphorst
Erik Schiphorst | CEO

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