Flexibility by rail


From our location at Kutno in Poland, my colleagues and I monitor the shuttle trains that transport our tank containers containing the liquid bulk products of our clients. These shuttle services travel from Rotterdam to the final destination in Kutno in the heart of Poland. This is a journey of approximately 1,100 kilometres. In addition, we ensure the planning of our equipment and drivers to and from the container terminal and then to the unloading address. For a number of clients we agree this planning with the end client. Thanks to direct contact with the client’s customer, we are able to ensure that the delivery is made at a convenient time for them.

Our weekly ten shuttle trains offer major flexibility, and we always bear in mind that we may have to adjust the planning last minute to assist our clients. An example of this is when we recently received a telephone call from one of our clients in Poznan. They had a major problem as they were running low on an important raw material for the production of their product. Circumstances meant their stock was running low quicker than expected. It looked as if the factory would come to a stop. This is a disaster scenario for our client and their customers. The telephone call was practically their last lifeline to find a solution for this major problem.

Meanwhile, the ordered product was already en route to Poznan by container train. However, the urgent situation meant that the scheduled delivery would arrive too late. We contacted our rail partner PCC immediately following this alarming telephone call. As the operator of the container trains they were able to provide us with useful information about the arrival times at the container terminals along the route. This informed us when and where the container could be intercepted at an earlier stage to win the race against the clock. We have adjusted our driver planning and ensured that our driver and his container chassis were sent to the container terminal in Frankfurt am Oder on the German-Polish border. Thanks to this, we were able to collect the delivery earlier, gaining enough time to ultimately bring the raw material to our client on time, and keep production rolling. A team performance to be proud of from our associate partners, and our own people.

Author:  Rafal Sucina
Rafal Sucina | Chemical Logistics Planner

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