Being the best is a way of working


Our ambition is to be the best partner for our customers. Sounds pretty good, right? For us, it’s not just a contemporary slogan, it’s part of our philosophy and day-to-day work. So, what makes the client and Nijhof-Wassink the perfect match? We both want to provide the best service to our customers, so we move the boundaries by constantly pushing just a little harder.

We use innovative technologies to achieve our goals and ambitions. One element of this philosophy is our new Warehousing Management System (WMS). The system allows us to optimise the supply chain by better utilization of storage space and the whole logistic process. We can track the containers of our clients anywhere in the world, for example, from leaving our client’s site to being loaded on a containership, arriving in a harbour and being put on the container train to our warehouse in Kutno, Poland. Tracking clients’ goods doesn’t just help our customers and us to optimise the logistic process; we can also help our customers with the right customs documents and customs clearance.

Having all the information in a single system improves accuracy. In just a few clicks, we can share all the information with our customers regarding every kilogram of product stored in our warehouses. This also helps our co-workers provide better services. Warehouse instruction documents are created for the pick and put-away process, which can be carried out for dispatch, transfers, returns, inhouse orders and customs purposes. Our new WMS operates in real time, which improves inventory accuracy, flexibility and responsiveness, decreases errors in picking and shipping goods, and improves customer service. A great example of our drive for innovation. Add to this our focus on health and safety procedures, and we have a recipe for a successful and longterm partnership with our customers.

Author:  Honorata Pędziejewska
Honorata Pędziejewska | Forwarding and Customs Department Manager

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