Nijhof Wassink Group acquires Wemmers Tanktransport

Wemmers Tanktransport and transport company Nijhof-Wassink Group have reached agreement regarding their intention to merge their activities. All activities, branches and employees of Wemmers Tanktransport will become part of the Nijhof-Wassink Group from 1 January 2022.

“Nijhof-Wassink and Wemmers are both specialists in bulk transport. Wemmers specialises in liquid food and Nijhof-Wassink in feed logistics and chemical logistics. Both our companies are players in a competitive market where quality, reliability and flexibility are central. Nijhof-Wassink is continuing to show growth in the area of the market it serves. The possibility to add food logistics to its existing portfolio will diversify the range of specialised transport the company can offer. This will have a positive impact on the continuity of our company. In recent years, we have made huge progress in data analysis, efficiency and effective fleet management. We want to implement the same progression at Wemmers, a respected company that is active in many European countries." say Erik Schiphorst, CEO at Nijhof-Wassink Group.

Combining the knowledge and networks of both companies will considerably increase the number of experts in each of the specialist logistic fields. On completion of the acquisition, Nijhof-Wassink will be a specialist in the transport and storage of dry and liquid bulk goods for the chemical and animal feed industry and the food sector, employing 1,750 colleagues based in eight different counties and operating almost 800 different truck-trailer combinations. 

“At Wemmers, we examined the current market circumstances and various scenarios to identify how we could remain a healthy business in the future. An acquisition was one of the options, whereby decisive and crucial factors were the prospects for the future and care of our employees. During discussions with Nijhof-Wassink we felt a special connection, and the right feeling. Nijhof-Wassink is a close-knit, family-run company with a strong focus on its human capital. Incorporating our brand names Wemmers and Troll in the Nijhof-Wassink Group unites two companies that share the same DNA and focus. We can mutually benefit from each other's strong points," said Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen, director and owner of Wemmers Tanktransport.

“We will be using the time ahead to ensure everyone soon feels at home as members of the Nijhof-Wassink family. In the coming integration period, we will maintain a sharp focus on the clients of Wemmers to ensure that a solid foundation is laid for the future. Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen will continue to head the Wemmers organisation and will actively support the integration progress with Nijhof-Wassink," says Erik Schiphorst.


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