Nijhof-Wassink Coevorden realizes Warehousing expansion in no-time

Today, on Friday 2 July 2021, the impressive new warehouses at Nijhof-Wassink in Coevorden would be opened. “Even before completion, when doors and lighting still had to be installed, the warehouses were filled with big bags from all over the world. It shows how much we were ready for expansion. Thanks to the hard work of our team in Coevorden and the contracter, the opening could already take place before the initial date.” According to Bertil Bouwhuis, Managing Director Chemical Logistics.

René Guit, who has been in charge of the Coevorden site since 2016: “After we received approval from our Board of Directors we could start building. Different parties involved switched quickly and that is exactly how we work. We're always working on continual improvement and we don't give no for an answer. Thanks to our network and the flexibility of our people, there's always a solution.”

The new warehouses can store the cargo of 208 trucks, bringing the total space to 17,000 m2.
In the picture from left to right: Bertil Bouwhuis, René Guit and Steven Stegen (alderman township of Coevorden).

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