Katoen Natie acquires the warehousing activities of Nijhof-Wassink in Poland

Katoen Natie and Nijhof-Wassink have agreed to take over the Warehousing and Value Added Logistics business of Nijhof-Wassink’s Logistics centre in Kutno, Poland.

Staff, processes and facilities of the warehouse activities of Nijhof-Wassink in Poland are known to the market and are a guarantee in terms of safety, reliability and high quality service. The warehouse activities of Nijhof-Wassink have grown very rapidly, which is why they have looked at how they could further expand their storage and transshipment facilities. In its endeavor to serve the rapidly growing market Nijhof-Wassink planned some major investments. During this process Katoen Natie, a very well-known and global player in the market came in the picture.

With Katoen Natie expressing its ambitions in Poland, both parties discussed the possibility of a takeover. Since Nijhof-Wassink and Katoen Natie are companies with a similar culture and view on business operations an agreement was easily reached guaranteeing continuity, stability and growth for all stakeholders.

The business to be acquired includes a terrain of 254,868m², 42 silos, 15,000m² outside storage and 5 warehouses with a total of 40,000m². A repacking hall, office building and technical building are present as well. All machinery and other equipment, directly linked to and used for operating the facilities are part of the acquisition. All assets, contracts and personnel of Nijhof-Wassink and related to the acquired business will also be transferred to Katoen Natie at a time yet to be determined. Katoen Natie has decided to immediately expand the acquired facilities with additional warehouses with a total surface of 16,000m² and 42 extra silos in the very near future.

Nijhof-Wassink Poland
The aquisition only applies to the Logistics Centre in Kutno, Poland. All transport activities of Nijhof-Wassink as well as the five Volvo and Renault Trucks dealerships will continue to operate under the Nijhof-Wassink Group. With more than 400 employees on the payroll locally, Nijhof-Wassink remains an important business partner and employer in Poland.

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