BP Netherlands outsources transport and planning to Nijhof-Wassink

As of 1 September 2021, Nijhof Wassink will handle transport and planning of fuel to the more than 350 BP petrol stations in the Netherlands.

‘'This fantastic new order is wonderful recognition for our Fuel Distribution Department. For the past eighteen months, we have been participating in BP's work, using two of our fuel truck tank trailer combination units.  Our specialism in transporting chemical products and extensive experience in fuel distribution have had a positive influence on this cooperation with BP Nederland. The recognition we have by receiving this assignment is a great compliment for our people in planning, the safety support team and our "business cards" the drivers who represent us' says a proud Bertil Bouwhuis, managing director of Chemical Logistics at Nijhof-Wassink.

By outsourcing both the transport and the planning ensures that the journeys to and from our petrol stations are planned more efficiently. This allows us to reduce CO2 emissions even more. Our strong focus on safety and sustainability is a good fit to the ambitions of BP to deliver energy in a safe, respectful and sustainable way' says Bertil Bouwhuis.

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