100 new Volvo Trucks for Nijhof-Wassink

Nijhof-Wassink recently ordered 100 new Volvo trucks. The order includes the new model of the FH and FM. The new trucks will replace old models and supplement the current fleet.

Driver comfort is one of the reasons that Nijhof-Wassink opted for Volvo trucks: “For years, we have experienced the Volvo FH as an extremely driver-friendly truck. In the new model, comfort and ease have been further improved. The new Volvo FM  also offers much higher levels of driver comfort. The spacious new cab has an extra cubic metre of space and is lighter thanks to the new roof hatch. The multi-adjustable steering wheel means the driver can adopt a better sitting posture. Our people are the assets at the heart of Nijhof-Wassink and we want to take extra good care of them," explains Bertil Bouwhuis, Managing Director Chemical Logistics at Nijhof-Wassink.

The Volvo FH trucks are equipped with the I-Save with Turbo Compound engine which produces 300 Nm of additional torque. “We already exclusively use I-Save and LNG models and have seen our CO2 footprint shrink further without compromising our service levels. This is our way of increasing the sustainability of our company," Bertil Bouwhuis says.

Safety is vitally important

Safety is also a vital aspect for Nijhof-Wassink. “We make every effort to ensure our drivers can do their work in a pleasant and safe way. That is not just important for the safety of our own drivers, but also for other road users and the environment in and around our loading and unloading sites. Our trucks offer a high level of comfort and safety. For example, our drivers from our Feed Logistics division unload at the farmyard, where they have to manoeuvre in a limited space. Good visibility from the cab is vital in this kind of situation. Visibility in the new Volvo FM has been improved by no less than 10%. In addition, the passenger corner camera and the reversing camera provide extra visibility. This creates a safer working environment for our people and for everything and everyone in the vicinity of the truck," says Martin Schoemaker, Managing Director Feed Logistics Nijhof-Wassink.

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