Flexibility from here to India


Anyone who suggests that the work of a storage and transhipment operator can be carried out on automatic pilot needs to think again. Everything we do must be carried out safely and accurately. Only then can we guarantee the quality of the stored products. We are also on call for our customers at all times, so that we can handle any unexpected peaks in their production processes with the raw materials we store on their behalf.

One of our customers for example received an urgent order from their factory in India. Some 2,000 tonnes of PVC powder had to be transported as quickly as possible from their raw materials plant in the Northern Netherlands. To ensure that all the tasks that had to be carried out were completed without a hitch, we drew up an action plan for the timetable, choice of packaging material, the individual stages of the process and the eventual costs. The planning decisions were geared to our customer’s production process, and discussed with the planners at our dry bulk (transport) department.

As a result, everything was kept running with no stagnation in the production process. Our colleagues from dry bulk logistics collected the PVC powder and transported it to our silo storage units in Coevorden (The Netherlands). From the silos, the powder was transferred to big bags, which in turn were loaded into sea containers and transported to the port of Rotterdam, where they could continue their journey to India by boat. Imagine our sense of achievement and pride in a job well done, when the entire cargo arrived on time, in India, to the total satisfaction of the customer. An excellent example of working practice but without a hint of autopilot.

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