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Our new transport management system is live!

Real time connection between users and IT systems
Planning and sharing

Optimal connectivity 24/7 and from any location means maximum efficiency and productivity. Working effectively working as users and IT systems have access to up-to-date and relevant data. This applies to our own processes, but primarily also for our clients. By connecting you with our LIVE platforms we allow you to also benefit from the many advantages of optimal connectivity. The most recent example of such a platform is our new Transport Management System (TMS), where we provide our planners, clients and end clients with real time ‘LIVE’ information.

Therefore, communication with your system, possibly via an intermediate logistics platform such as Transwide or Elemica, is a key success factor for the new TMS.

With Nijhof-Wassink LIVE we will work with you to create the ultimate digital supply chain network. Thanks to 24/7 real time information, we can always switch sharply within our transport divisions, and together we can offer the end client the service levels expected today.

Available data In Nijhof-Wassink live
  • - Order status
  • - Shipment status
  • - ETA
  • - Truck location
  • - Cargo data
  • - Proof of delivery
Follow your transport in real time and worldwide
Follow your transport live

Our new Transport Management System (TMS) allows us to genuinely plan in real time, so really LIVE. It calculates the expected travel time. A night’s rest is automatically included in the planning, so you can see the arrival time of your transport. The information is also constantly kept up-to-date, so real time shipment information is available. Is loading taking a little longer than anticipated or has the driver got held up in traffic? This is registered via the GPS connection and the planning is automatically adjusted. You benefit from an improved delivery performance and can also react quickly.


The real time data also contributes to the security of the entire process. You get increased traceability. The TMS can also transmit number plates, so you know which trucks arrive at the gate. We communicate expected unloading times and this means extra service, also for your clients.

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